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Dianne Louise CornerUK in Tanzania is the official website of the British High Commission in Tanzania, where the UK’s High Commissioner is H.E. Diane Louise Corner.

The High Commissioner is already very familiar with the work of TDT in Tanzania. She addressed the 2009 BTS AGM in London and has met members of the BTS branch in Tanzania. On the HC website she says “The UK will continue to be Tanzania's largest provider of General Budget Support (GBS). A vitally important priority will be to find ways to improve the environment for trade and investment between our countries, more important than ever in the current economic climate, and for increasing Tanzania's prosperity.”

Soon after arriving in Tanzania, Ms Corner spoke warmly of “…the personal and individual links that exist between our two countries. Just before I came out to Tanzania the Britain-Tanzania Society hosted a joint reception for me and my predecessor... It attracted a very large turnout - around three hundred people, including the wife of the British Prime Minister, Dr Mwanaidi Maajar the Tanzanian High Commissioner in London, former UK Cabinet Ministers, members of parliament and hundreds of other Tanzanian and British guests. It included Tanzanians who were studying (at schools and universities) and working (in everything from shops to top City banks) throughout the length and breadth of the UK . It included British people who were working in Tanzania, or who had once worked in Tanzania.. It even included one woman who was so taken by her daughter's experiences in Tanzania that she decided to visit herself, fell in love with the country, and now runs a small Tanzanian-based NGO."

The HC website gives details of how to apply for a visa for a visit to the UK. You can download a Visa application form from the Tanzania on Line Website.


Mwanaidi Sinare MajaarAt Tanzania on Line you can find the website of the Tanzanian High Commission in London. The High Commissioner is H.E. Mwanaidi Sinare Majaar. Mrs Majaar is also ambassador to Ireland and to the Commonwealth.

The High Commissioner has been active supporter of BTS and TDT and has attended many of our functions during her term of office. Mrs Majaar speaks of: “our new foreign policy of economic diplomacy we have been mandated with the task of promoting trade and investment and provide information on investment opportunities, tourism attractions and the prevailing investment climate in Tanzania”. The Website has stunning photos of Tanzania and details of tourist destinations.

Speaking in November 2009 at a major event at Edinburgh University, attended by Tanzania’s former president (and current president of BTS), H.E. Ali Hassan Mwinyi, the Tanzanian Foreign Secretary and others, Mrs Majaar publicly praised the work of BTS and TDT. She thanked BTS for its constant work in promoting friendship and contacts between Tanzania and Britain and TDT. She said that TDT was involved with “small, but very effective projects which “directly touched the lives of many in Tanzania” and that the work of BTS and TDT makes Tanzanians “feel very proud and happy.”



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