Apply for Funds

If you are thinking of applying for a grant from TDT, first please read our Funding Guidelines carefully.

If your project fits within these Guidelines, download our Application Form. The application form is also available in Swahili

Please fill in the Application Form in English using your own words (not words copied from the internet). Then send the following documents by email to :

  • your completed Application Form
  • any covering letter
  • a detailed budget
  • pro forma invoices
  • registration certificate of the applicant’s organisation
  • letter of recommendation from the district council
  • other supporting documents (e.g. photos, maps, plans or research).

You will be notified if your application has been added to our waiting list. Following this a project officer will be appointed, when available, to examine your proposal in more detail.

The final decision to grant funding is made by our committee at one of our committee meetings.

Things to consider

Strong applications will clearly demonstrate the following:

  • the underlying need has been well researched, and the project is supported by the local community
  • who the intended beneficiaries are, and how they have been selected
  • the district council has been informed, and support the application
  • there is a clear plan of work
  • the project represents value for money
  • there are defined goals that the project hopes to achieve
  • the project is sustainable without the need for further funding
  • project coordinators have the experience and capacity to make the project a success

Projects that satisfy these criteria will have a better chance of receiving funding.