Generous TDT supporters have helped save over 100 girls from FGM. Instead of facing a life-threatening traumatic experience and a lifetime of medical problems, girls are getting an education and learning about their rights.

Mugumu Safe House was inundated during the last ‘cutting season’ at the beginning of the year, when 134 girls sought refuge from FGM. Dedicated staff spent the following months reuniting the girls with their families, painstakingly negotiating affidavits with parents, guaranteeing they would not cut their daughters or marry them against their will.

The parents of 32 girls refused, and so the girls stayed at the Safe House. At that time they were very shy, and visibly traumatised by their experience.

But less than a year later, the difference in the girls is amazing. There are now computer lessons in a room of 30 computers donated by a London school, and girls on the tailoring course are selling items they have made in a shop on the premises. Girls who have never had the chance to go to school can now read and write. Their growth in confidence is astounding.

Two TDT supporters are making an annual grant to the Safe House to help them employ a teacher and a legal assistant. The UK Space Agency has gifted satellite broadband to the Safe House. It’s already making a massive difference, as 10 of the girls have passed their primary education, and now attend secondary school.

Global Giving has made the Safe House a grant to establish a smallholding where food can be grown for the girls, plus a surplus for sale. New TDT Project Officer Helen Carey, an expert in African agriculture, will be staying at Mugumu for the next four months to help establish this project.