For just £6 you can provide a solar light to a school student and their family in one of the poorest areas of Tanzania. For less than the price of a box of chocolates, you can change a schoolchild’s future.

Grace is 15 and wants to be a doctor. She is a dedicated student. But she has to walk three hours each way to school from her village. When she gets home she has to collect water and firewood for cooking before she can study by candlelight.

Sometimes her parents can afford kerosene for a brighter light, but this hurts her eyes and makes her cough.

Yet students such as Grace are determined to study as they know that education is their route out of poverty.

Which is why a simple £6 solar light can make such a difference.

Your student will have been specially selected to receive a light by their school because of their dedication to their studies.

You will receive by email a photo of the selected student with their light, together with a personalised message about their background and hopes for the future. You can also buy the gift in another person’s name, and they will receive the email update.

Not only will this gift transform the lives of the student and their family, it will also help the environment. Each solar lantern saves a tonne of carbon every 10 years.

It really is the perfect Christmas gift.