Our volunteers on the ground in Tanzania are the eyes and ears of our work, giving up their time to ensure projects are well run and truly benefit local communities. Here, local representative Ezekial Kassanga explains why he works with TDT.

“Working as a TDT local representative is a voluntary job that has no salary or allowance. And it must be said, that’s a fact that may discourage many people from joining the TDT team in supporting Tanzanian communities, especially those new to volunteering.

But I feel very lucky to work with TDT, because it has allowed me to serve a huge amount of people in my country; to advise, oversee and monitor TDT funds granted in my region, and show the way towards successful project implementation, and the wellbeing of people in communities local to me.


As a TDT representative I travel across many districts to support the wider community, interacting and liaising with TDT project officers in the UK, and beneficiaries, enthusiastic funding applicants and government officers on the ground. To me, this post is better than a postgraduate course, as it is helping me to learn and explore the really essential things related to community sustainable development and the work of civil society organisations in my country.

It is helping me to understand people of different cultures and commitments in serving and supporting community development. With this, I can practice and develop my own leadership and diplomacy skills. It means I can learn the proper ways of involving local government authorities in all community projects, in order to have their support in terms of grant monitoring, human resources and funding.


All this experience is something I would find it hard to get elsewhere, and at the same time I get to meet and spend time with a large amount of people from all different walks of life. I feel not only are they benefiting from being involved with TDT, but I am too.”