Many of the students who have benefitted from skills-training through the Kasulu Youth Development Project are already changing their lives.

Here we meet just three of them.


Nathan graduated from the Kasulu just over a year ago.

He quickly set up his own business making windows and doors outside his house in Makere village. To start with business was slow, but as word spread about his abilities, he soon became the go-to man for anyone who wanted some good quality items made.

With a huge, confident smile, he tells how he now regularly makes 90,000 Shillings (about £30) per month profit.


After her course at KAYD, Agatha set up a tailoring business with her sister in the village of Kigadye.

Her sister already had some training in tailoring, so now they are able to help each other. She hires her sewing machine from a local businessman at 5,000 Shillings (£1.50) a month.

Agatha says that, although they sometimes have very little work, at other times they have plenty. In a whisper, she tells that on average she makes 50,000 Shillings a month (just over £15) after her expenses. This is money she would never have had before her training.


John finished his training at KAYD almost two years ago, and he now has a thriving business in a workshop 30 kilometres away.

John proudly says that his business has allowed him to afford to marry and set up home for himself. “Before my training I had nothing,” he says. “I was just helping on the farm, but my business has given me enough money to build a small house with a tin roof, and also buy some new tools.”


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