aerial view of kagera after 2016 earthquakedamage from 2016 kagera earthquakeAn earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter Scale took place in Kagera region, in particular in Bukoba area, on 10th September 2016.  This has caused loss of life, and extensive damage to infrastructure.

Whilst large agencies and Government may provide some immediate relief, who will support the community in its rebuilding efforts?

TDT and BTS have been appealing for funds to help our friends to rebuild or repair the fabric of schools and other essential infrastructure which has been  damaged or destroyed.  Thank you to all who have donated already.

We are very excited to announce a generous MATCHING FUNDING SCHEME, from our friends in Global Giving UK.  These are the key elements:

We would like to thank GlobalGiving UK for their generosity – now it’s up to YOU to help us take advantage of it!  Click on the image below, or this link:

link image for global giving matched funding

And remember, TDT takes none of your donation:  every penny we receive, will be spent on helping communities affected by the Kagera earthquake.