“Will you help build a Dispensary in my Matongo valley?” says
fourteen year Ghati Marwa.

Please read more about Ghati’s request.

Matongo Village lies between two ranges of high hills. The nearest health care facility is 15km away, as the crow flies, crossing the hills. The only road into Matongo is a cart track. Yet here and in surrounding hamlets 10,000 people live. They want their own Dispensary (Cottage Hospital).

Matongo Dispensary Building under construction

The local people have worked hard to start to building their dispensary, and the District Medical Officer has allocated staff and equipment. But capital funds are limited, and we can help bring the dream to reality.

If this story touches you, and you would like to help, the best way is through MyDonate, which is entirely secure and where we get 100% of any donation and Gift Aid. Simply go to the TDT MyDonate page and put “For Matongo” in the message box.

Would you like to know more? Julian Marcus makes his third visit to Matongo in January 2017, and would be glad to hear from you. You can contact him at tanzdevtrust@gmail.com