TDT has made several grants to communities affected by the earthquake which hit Kagera region on 10th September 2016.

This report looks in particular at work which has been continuing to support the rebuilding and repairs at Kikukwe Community and Tweyambe School, both in Missenyi District which was particularly badly hit.

We are immensely grateful for the generosity of our donors. But the need will continue for some time, long after most of the world has forgotten the earthquake. If you would like to help, you can do so with no fees via our dedicated MyDonate Kagera Earthquake page. To read more about the earthquake, you can visit the account win the January 2017 edition of Tanzanian Affairs

Kikukwe Dispensary

Kikukwe Dispensary (Clinic) was particularly badly hit by the earthquake, especially the maternity rooms and water supply. TDT helped the community of Kikukwe village to build the dispensary in March 2012 and visits made by project officers have confirmed the success of these facilities in saving babies and others lives through the improving improvement in health care for the local community.

Your donations have been vital in restoring small but vital health facilities damaged in the quake. The buildings, whilst not completely destroyed, suffered severe damage making them unsafe to use and the funds have now brought them back to a safe and secure working condition. Health workers’ housing was also badly damaged, and as a result of your very generous giviing, we will be able to repair this.

Kikukwe Dispensary site was struck by further after shocks causing ground instability and greater damage to the repaired water tank stand than was anticipated. Further funds have been made available to allow for a more substantial stand to be planned and constructed.

The arrival of the rains, long awaited and welcomed by the local farmers after a very challenging dry season added to delays in building. Following initial deliveries of sand and stones by three lorries the Chair of Kikukwe writes:

” We haven’t yet mobilised more materials on site than the present two lorries of sand and three lorries of stone as it is heavily raining all the days from morning to evening, thus make difficult for lorries to go off the road to pick materials. When the rain stop will then mobilise the materials and send you photos”.

Tweyambe Secondary School

Tweyambe Secondary School which has 543 students and is located 15 miles from Bukoba town was one of those schools which was affected the most. Your donations were used to quickly repair some classrooms which had been badly affected.

The dormitories were also repaired which allowed those students who went home after the quake to come back to school to continue with their studies with a roof over their head. Some buildings had to be demolished since they were deemed unfit for human habitation and beyond repair. On 26th November another tragedy struck the school. The boys’ dormitory which was mildly affected in the original quake suddenly collapsed. There was nothing to be salvaged, but luckily, there was no loss of life.

Using our initial grant, Tweyambe School has embarked upon repairs and replacement of damaged and destroyed classrooms, dormitories, and teacher’s houses. The Chairman of the Board sent photos showing the updated situation of repairs and replacement of buildings.

He also wrote to us:

“Thank you for your continuing support for the dreadful damage at Tweyambe School. Tweyambe had so much more damage than any other school. At the moment the toilets are presenting a public heath problem. Is it possible to ask a bit more assistance so that they can have the toilets put right?”

Following this appeal TDT is pleased to have been able to send an additional grant of £1650 from our generous donors to repair the damaged and unhealthy latrines.

Nyaligamba and Kibirizi Secondary Schools

We are pleased to confirm that further relief funds have now been sent to two other schools. Earthquake support provided by the Tanzania Government with International appeals’ support has provided funds to repair adequately some Government Schools, but does not meet the schools’ needs in coping with essential back up resourcing and student essential transfers from damaged schools to those with less difficulties.

Nyailigamba Secondary School, whilst receiving Government help to repair cracked buildings, asked for help to provide resources for the additional students transferred from other more damaged schools. We have been able to support resourcing for increased numbers in this very successful school in their developing A level courses and science laboratory. The School Board are currently implementing plans for this and further reports will be available later.

Following damage to their rainwater harvesting tank and guttering, and science equipment not adequately protected following a disturbance in the area, Kibirizi Secondary School, near Lake Ikimba, applied for help to make water harvesting repairs and provide secure storage for equipment.