The Next Web — colloquially named TNW — has been sharing, inventing and advancing tech developments since 2006.

It has initiated a weekly spot picking “a charity doing something worthwhile using tech, and break down what they do, why that matters, and most importantly, how to help in a tangible way.”

We are very excited and grateful that it has decided to start out with TDT, and specifically with a project to collect used smartphones.  You can click on the image below to visit their page, or this link, or read the essential details below.

screenshot of article re smartphones for combatting FGMThis relates to the mapping project described in previous news items.  In turn, the mapping project is related to the work to combat FGM, as demonstrated by TDT’s biggest-ever project, the Mugumu Safe House for Girls.

Work to combat FGM is hampered by the lack of maps.  Whilst a small army of online volunteers have been recruited to the Openstreet project, mapping roads and building from satellite images, there is a pressing need for people on the ground, armed with smartphones.

How to donate your Smartphone

Our initial target is to collect 20 smartphones, but there’s no upper limit.

TDT Project Officer Janet Chapman is coordinating the effort, and you can send your phone to her at:

44 Mildenhall Road,  LONDON E5 0RU, UK

Or if you’re in Amsterdam, you can drop off your smartphone at the TNW office, or mail it to them:

TNW, Singel 542, 1017 AZ, Amsterdam

Go on, look out that old smartphone and let us put it to use!