TDT’s appeal to build a dispensary in Matongo Village has received a major boost with the promise of a significant donation from one of our regular supporting Trusts. Many thanks to its trustees. As you will see below, the villagers have already achieved a great deal. With YOUR help, we can enable completion of this dispensary which will serve up to 10,000 people in this remote community.

Below you can experience the need for the dispensary through the eyes of Samuel.  You can also download a PDF, featuring the words of 14-year-old Ghati, and explaining the project in more detail. To donate, simply click the link to the TDT MyDonate page and put “For Matongo” in the message box.

Samuel, campaigner for new Matongo DispensaryDown in the dumps? Depressed by the world news? Don’t be! There are inspiring young people who make all fund-raising and giving worthwhile, and young Samuel, pictured here, is one of them.

As you can see from the photo, he’s quite severely disabled. He might be looking a bit sad in the picture, but actually he’s a very determined and successful young man of 17.

Samuel was born in a tiny village in Matongo, but when he was a toddler he contracted a disease, probably polio, which left him severely disabled, Babies and children still don’t get adequate immunisations in Matongo valley because there’s no clinic yet. Getting to Primary school was hard. Mostly he was on an older brother’s or sister’s back- just occasionally he would get a ride on a neighbour’s donkey. But once at school, Samuel shone and the teachers quickly realised that he was a very bright boy. At the end of Primary School he got the highest grades which enabled him to be eligible to transfer to the best school in the Region, Musoma Technical. The Education Dept and school have been very helpful and at school , where he is a boarder, Samuel can zip around in his wheelchair- of course when he comes home to the family in Matongo, that’s another matter and he has to hump around using his crutch. But not complaining!

Samuel is quite clear that he is NOT a victim. He is ambitious and determined to make a success of his life. But he is an activist and campaigner and that’s why he was determined to be at the shell of the Matongo Dispensary on the 31st January to meet Ann and Julian Marcus, and to be part of the village group pressing their claim to have at long last their own Clinic. He knows very well that had there been a clinic when he was born, he would almost certainly not be disabled now. He’s not bitter about that but determined that there WILL be a Clinic to treat other children, mothers and all needing help. You couldn’t possibly put the case better. After you’ve read Samuel’s story, please share it with family and friends, and wherever you may be raise your hand and give a High Five to Samuel.

Matongo Dispensary Building under constructionThe Villagers have done so well to get the Clinic to lintel level. When we arrived they were laying stones for the floors, over which concrete will be poured. The Assistant District Medical Officer reiterated that the Council would help with a grant and more importantly the assignment of staff to run the Clinic. I promised that as soon as possible we would raise the money.

Please help us fulfil the promise as soon as we can. The secret is to spread the word so we can reach many more generous hearted people.

Would you like to know more?

Julian Marcus made his third visit to Matongo in January 2017, and would be glad to hear from you. You can contact him at