‘In the Name of Your Daughter’, a documentary film about the work of Rhobi Samwelly and the Mugumu Safe House, will have its international première at CPH:DOX, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, this month. Neema and Rosie with new Tanzanian passportsRhobi Samwelly will be making an appearance at the Festival.  It is hoped that she will be accompanied by Neema and Rosie, two girls that have benefited directly from the work of Rhobi and her team.  The picture shows the two girls proudly displaying their new Tanzanian passports, and at the time of writing they are awaiting the results of their visa applications.

‘In the Name of Your Daughter’ has the strapline “A Story of Courage and Hope”;  by watching the trailer, you will understand why, and you are sure to be moved.

The film was shot in 2016, by award winning Human Rights journalist Giselle Portenier.  In February 2018, Giselle Portenier won a prestigious Award of Excellence from The Impact DOCS Awards Competition.  Giselle responded “Our goal with this film was to make an accessible documentary about a difficult topic that has the potential to be a real and lasting tool for change.”  Read the Press Release

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Screenings are planned on Swedish and Finnish Television on March 27th and April 9th respectively.  We understand that there are plans also for a version to be shown by the BBC, which was one of the production partners.

Support TDT’s new Girls’ Rights Fund

Between 2014 and 2017, TDT’s Mugumu Safe House saved up to 500 girls directly saved from FGM across three ‘cutting seasons’ between 2014 and 2017, and others by outreach work in villages.  This was made possible by the overwhelming generosity of donors.

You can help in the fight against FGM, gender-based violence (GBV) and child marriage, through our recently-launched Girls’ Rights Fund, and its new page on MyDonate:


The Girls’ Rights Fund will support outreach work against Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage.   Funds may be used to support staffing, outreach work, and temporary shelter and food for girls at risk, and allow them to continue their education instead of being subjected to FGM and married against their will.

Projects will be invited to apply to TDT.  They will be judged by a dedicated sub-Committee on their merits and likely effectiveness, and in light of funds available.

First grant made by the Girls’ Rights Fund

The GRF has made its first grant, to Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania. This is an NGO set up by former Mugumu Safe House director Rhobi Samwelly, who has opened a safe house in Butiama in rented property, to protect girls from the threat of FGM.

Rhobi is assisted by many of the team members who worked with her in Mugumu. Over the 2017-2018 ‘Cutting Season’ more than 150 girls have so far been saved from FGM.

Hope for Girls and Women Facebook page