Charles Darwin has himself become a victim of evolution! The Bank of England issued a new polymer £10 note last September, and the paper £10 featuring Charles Darwin was withdrawn on 1 March 2018.

Many people probably still have old paper tenners and are wondering what to do with them. Perhaps they have found one in the pocket of a rarely used jacket, in a drawer, down the back of the sofa.

The Bank of England’s guidance on the matter is as follows:

You can exchange them at the Bank of England in person or by post. Some retailers, banks and building societies may still accept these notes; however this is at their own discretion.

So there is an answer. But if you’d like to put your ‘windfall’ to good use, TDT would be delighted to take on your old tenners and ‘recycle’ them into projects within Tanzania.

Please send them to: Robert Gibson, Treasurer Tanzania Development Trust, Wreyland, Broombarn Lane, Great Missenden HP16 9JD