TDT would like to thank the family of the late Sheila Lovell for setting up a MyDonate fund raising page in her memory.

Sheila’s daughter Roz Lee explains:

Mum was always very inspired by the Safe House project, through her friendship with Ann and Julian Marcus, and this was only strengthened by her meeting Mama Rhobi for whom she had great respect.

Mum worked as a Health Visitor for many years, having trained initially as a nurse and a midwife. She was also a clergy wife, so she spent much of her life in a giving and supporting role, and was particularly involved with the care of children and child safeguarding through her work. She had set up several ‘mum and toddler groups’ over the course of her career, and also worked as a bereavement counsellor for Cruse for 20 years, where she also worked with children.

Mum was therefore very interested and experienced in the areas of child welfare, family dynamics and supporting parents.

While staying in South Africa in her 60’s, she was very moved by the conditions when she visited one of the townships and attended a baby clinic with a local health visitor.

All these factors contributed to her involvement with the Tanzania Development Trust, and her genuine concern and empathy for the plight of young women at risk of FGM.

We are very glad to be able to support Mama Rhobi’s work through mum’s memorial donations.

Would you like to donate in memory of Sheila? You can do so by following this link.