Hilary and Peter Bacon are Britain-Tanzania Society (BTS) members who, for a number of years, have supported schools in Tanzania.  Each year they have conducted a fund raising exercise, and then travelled to Tanzania at their own expense, to visit beneficiary schools and projects.

TDT has worked with the Bacons to facilitate fund raising, in recent years using the BT MyDonate platform.  We would be very glad to hear from others, particularly BTS members, who would be interested in similar forms of fund raising for Tanzanian projects. 

Within Tanzania, Hilary and Peter have worked with a Tanzanian social enterprise called Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (ACTT) by funding the installation of computer equipment and providing training and ongoing support to teachers.

This provides school children the benefit of learning to use computers and also access to a wide range of educational content to enhance their education.

During the 2019 trip, they are visiting existing school projects and extending those that have done well. They also also setting up new projects in two more schools.   Below, you can see them presenting a package of three computers and a printer to Mungano Primary School, Geita

Hilary and peter Bacon at Mungano Primary School

Hilary is keeping a blog of the visit.  Those interested in following their trip, and learning more about Tanzania and Tanzanian schools, can follow their progress on http://shepstravels3.blogspot.co.uk/