TDT has launched four new pages on Virgin Money Giving, to replace four pages on BT MyDonate, which will cease to function with MyDonate’s closure on June 30th.  These facilitate easy, low-cost donations, with TDT’s promise that 100% of donations received by TDT will be spent on projects in Tanzania. 

Home Page on Virgin Money Giving

Donations through TDT’s home page go to TDT ‘general funds’ and are allocated to projects at TDT’s quarterly Committee meetings. You can, however, leave an instruction or direct your donation to a project or type of project by leaving an instruction in the form of a comment.

Girls’ Hostels

Building hostels for girls in secondary schools is an essential tool in combatting issues that prevent many girls from completing secondary education. At an individual level, this enhances girls’ life opportunities, And it is good for Tanzania as a whole, since educating girls benefits society more broadly.
Donate to help TDT build more girls’ hostels.
Learn more about Girls’ Hostels

Bringing clean water to Kigoma

Help bring clean water to villages, transforming lives of villagers who carry water very long distances, wasting hours every day, and combatting health problems associated with often having to take water from muddy ponds shared with animals.

Tanzania Development Trust’s local rep in Kigoma, Benedicto Hosea and his team, has successfully hand drilled over 15 boreholes and constructed simple rope pumps that can easily be repaired by the villagers.  You can help extend this low-cost, effective solution to more villages:
DONATE to bring clean water to a village in Kigoma.
Learn more about TDT’s work in bringing clean water to remote and needy areas.

Join the fight against FGM

TDT has been active in the important fight against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and the wider campaign against forced early marriage and gender based violence (GBV) since 2014. Donations will be directed towards Hope for Girls and Woment Tanzania, the NGO founded and run by Rhobi Samwelly.

DONATE to help Hope for Girls and Women combat FGM.
More on TDT’s work in combatting FGM…