Kinyika village has a plan of having piped water from Mkwese village, a nearby village which has a huge source of water. The project costs about Tsh.25,000,000 with Tsh. 16,000,000 funded from TDT, Tsh.8,000,000 through local contributions and Tsh. 1,000,0000 as a contribution from the local District council.

After having received all the funds required, the local people of Kinyika are started to implement the project by volunteering to dig the trench where the water pipes to their village will pass.

Villagers are so happy and excited to see that in a short space of time the problem of shortage of clean water is about to end, with thanks to TDT for the support.

Purchasing of all necessary materials is now complete, and project implementation was planned for the middle of July 2019 when Kinyika village will have its own source of clean water. Women and children will then never have to suffer through walking for a long distance in search of water.