Welcome to our new photo competition! Over the past month we have been receiving some beautiful and inspiring photos from our local representatives in Tanzania from some of our projects.

Have a look and let us know what you think using the hashtag #TDTPhotoComp!

Here, primary school children at Kagondo village, Bukoba, in the Kagera region, celebrate their new water pipeline, bringing clean and healthy water to them!

A bed for the night at a girls’ hostel at Kizomla secondary school near Mkuranga…look at the difference!

A woman at work with her child with a treadle irrigation pump from our CEDO project.

Women finding shade whilst working form our CEDO project.

Mlole women learning to use a solar pump for irrigation.

Using renewable energy…HUVIWASA youth group makes charcoal briquettes using a machine funded by TDT.

Clean water nearby – every woman’s dream…KAWESO water point in Mulebo District.

Students from Ntamya secondary school collecting water from the closest run-off, three miles away. (Soon they’ll be able to use their new pump!)

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  1. Great photos, and so good to know that Ntamya secondary school girls no longer need to walk 3 miles now the new pump is operating – and thank you to everyone who contributed to that as part of our Christmas Campaign!

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