We are very proud – and excited! – to announce that we have a new shop on our website!

Here, you will be able to purchase items for projects in Tanzania, and directly help communities make a difference. We currently have two products in our new shop that you can purchase for those most in need in rural Tanzania.

Our first product is a chicken! By purchasing a chicken from our shop, you will be directly helping the students of Ikondo secondary school. A chicken is hugely beneficial – their eggs increase food security for the students and income generation for the school, and they provide an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about entrepreneurship!

Our second is to plant some trees in rural Tanzania. By purchasing this product, you will be helping to plant 10 tree seedlings in Zeze, Kigoma!

These are very much in need to help combat climate change, and generally help the environment in Zeze, such as restoring the land.

As well as the many environmental benefits the trees will provide, they will also provide shade from the sun and food for the hungry community.

Your purchases will be hugely appreciated by the people in the communities that we support that are most in need, and will make a great difference to their lives.

We will continue adding more products to the shop, so ensure you keep up to date by signing up to our monthly Newsletter! And please come and find us on social media, as by following us and sharing our shop (and projects!) will be a great help to us and the rural communities of Tanzania.