Here’s our collection of photos from our representatives for February’s #TDTPhotoComp.

Let us know what you think on social media, and check in with us on Thursday 11th March for the winner!

Ikondo students smiling as they tend to their chickens that help keep them well-nourished with their eggs.
Mwamgongo beekeepers in need of protective clothing as they check on their hives.
The amazing Marumba honey collection!
A big thank you from Bidi vulnerable women’s group for a “pass on” pig-rearing project!
Schoolgirls from Panzuo now able to board the hostel!
Girls from Ikondo hostel learning science from their raspberry pi computer.
Students from Ikondo school carrying a fellow classmate ill with malaria up the hill to the hospital an hour away.
Schoolgirls from Kinyaka secondary school carrying water back to school.

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