A huge congratulations to our representative, Alpha Ngailla for taking the winning photo!

This beautiful but sobering photo shows Ikondo students carrying their fellow classmate who is ill with Malaria up the hill to the hospital which in an hour’s walk away.

We thought that the photo was incredibly powerful – depicting the kindness and care of classmates, the journey they have to make for someone to receive medical treatment, with the backdrop of the stunning scenery.

Quite literally an up-hill struggle to help their friend.

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  1. A photo from Alpha that shocked me, forcing me to see an aspect of life for rural students that is usually hidden. In many visits to Tanzania and living there for four years I have never seen this before. The photo is so powerful because it brings a commonly described problem – ‘remote health facility- to life in such a moving way. I know this photo will haunt me for a long time. Well done Alpha. If you read this, did the student recover well?

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