Another month, another photo competition for our local representatives! Here are the photos taken in March…

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Students at Rusesa school collecting drinking water 2km away from the school…hopefully we can raise enough money to get a water pump there soon!
Some new beehives being assembled at Mwamgono!
Working hard at night taking care of the bees at Marumba!
One of the apiaries run by the Marumba beekeepers is close to the fields where the villagers work, so to avoid disturbing the bees near to where people are working in their fields, they work at night!
One of the buzzing beehives at Marumba!
Making Marumba honey.
Making Marumba honey.
All smiles in the field for the women’s sorghum production project at Shinyanga!
Tunamkumbuka students smiling at school after enjoying more interesting lessons!
Students at Tunamkumbuka enjoying a lesson at school after receiving a projector.

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