Chicken farming at Zeze.

Congratulations Benedicto of Mboni ya Vijana for taking the winning photo! We absolutely adored this photo – the pure joy that radiates from the woman as she gazes at her chicken!

Chicken farming in Kigoma started in 2019 with the objective of cross-breeding broiler and local chickens to get a new environmentally tolerant variety that fits with environment. After doing that, the idea is to distribute chickens to small farmers in Kigoma starting at Zeze. The successful cross-breeding has started yielding cast chicken, of which 46 chickens have already been distributed to 23 farmers at Zeze since September 2020. The future we want is to have the farmer families those improved with income and nutrition security.

You can continue to help us get chickens to rural communities to help increase food security by purchasing a chicken from our shop.

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