Getting tangled up at the “Pass on a Goat” project at Kalinze village!

We are very pleased to announce the winner of May’s photo competition…partly because of how much these playful goats made us smile as they made mischief getting all tangled up!

This fantastic project helps vulnerable families in Kalinze village, near Kigoma. It helps poor households increase their income, allowing children to attend school and save lives, especially those of babies and young children. It also improves their health and nutrition through the fresh (and delicious) goat milk! Every six months newly born kid goats will be passed on to additional families to provide a growing, sustainable and continuing improvement to the lives of this rural village community.  

We are very proud to have projects that help increase income as one of our priorities, and incredibly pleased to see the updates and how much of an impact they have.

Congratulations on the winning photo, and enjoy your mischievous goats at Kalinze village!

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