This year we started the Tanzania Development Trust monthly photo competition, asking our local Tanzanian representatives to take pictures from their communities of their projects and send them in to us.

We have been thoroughly enjoying seeing the numerous photos being sent over to us (and we hope you have, too!). Whilst we are continually encouraging our representatives to take more photos to show their amazing work, we are all still continually learning and adapting, facing new and old challenges (little to no connectivity – an old foe!), and are always working hard!

Thus, unfortunately, we have received no new photos for June – so, we thought we’d do something a little different for this month…

TDT Throwback!

We have scrolled through our albums and found some older photos from our representatives that have really caught our eyes!

4. New Tailors Showing their Work!

This photo comes from the newest organisations from our representatives, Malengo Development Foundation (MDF), founded by Hamza Rajabu. Their mission is to bridge inequality gaps by providing education and vocational training for work, to create decent employment and a better income.

Their website and social media platforms are still young, so make sure you go and follow them!

3. Mapping with our Digital Champions!

Our digital champions play an important part in our work – whether it’s getting places on the map with Crowd 2 Map, such as houses, roads, or hospitals; or training farmers to use the PlantNuru App to help detect pests in their maize and cassava.

Here you can see our digital champions mapping a community in Zeze, Kigoma.

2. Marching for Girls’ Rights

Girls in Tanzania deserve to be safe from gender-based violence (GBV) – this is something we are continually working on with Hope for Girls and Women (founded by our representative, Rhobi Samwelly).

Here are the girls of Mugumu safe house taking part in the 16 days march in 2015.  “About 200 girls marched around town singing ‘we want to be modern, uncut girls’ and demanding their rights.  As it turned out, the March itself was stewarded by local police, and this was an enormous step forward in forming a cooperative relationship between the officers and the Mugumu Safe House staff and residents.”

1. Smile!

We couldn’t resist putting this at top spot! The gorgeous smile just made every one of us smile, too! It also reminds us of the reasons behind our work – to empower rural people, and hopefully bring such smiles and happiness to the communities!

This has come from Zeze, Kigoma where Mboni Ya Vijana (MVG, meaning “Eyes of the Youth”) are working incredibly hard to lift their community out of extreme poverty, and take climate action (amidst other things). This grassroots community non-profit was founded by our Kigoma representative, Benedicto Hosea, and does much of the work surrounding getting access to clean and safe water!

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