Celebrating their delicious and nutritious chicken eggs at Ikondo school!

Congratulations to this photo for winning July’s photo competition! Between the smiles and laughter, and seeing those wonderful chicken eggs that will help feed the students, it was a favourite of TDT’s!

Many schools and families in rural communities are in poverty, with students facing hunger. This not only impacts the students’ health regarding such problems as malnutrition, but also their studies as they do not have the energy to function properly at school.

Thus, getting chickens to the school is an excellent means of increasing the students food security – the chickens eggs are delicious and nutritious! Any surplus can be sold by the school to increase their income generation to make the school a better place for the students. Furthermore, having a chicken farm at the school also provides a learning opportunity for the students about entrepreneurship!

If you would like to help us get more chickens over to Ikondo and similar places in rural communities, you can purchase a chicken at our shop for just £5!

Congratulations on the winning photo, and enjoy looking after your chickens!

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