The Winner of November's Photo Competition!

After this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge where we worked tirelessly to raise money to install more water pumps, we couldn’t resist choosing this photo as this month’s winner of our photo competition!

We see so many photos of people having to walk many miles to collect their drinking water from dirty streams; hear so many first-hand stories of children falling ill because of the dirty water that they have to drink, of girls’ school grades dropping because of the amount of time they have to spend walking instead of studying…  

This photo shows what we  are working hard for: students queuing up for clean water at a water pump in their school, meaning more time spent in class. These students now have their fundamental human right of clean water – and this is what we want for everyone.

We still have more water pumps on our waiting list – more people that are having to rely on dirty water. You can help us by supporting our work online (sharing our website and our social media platforms), and donating directly to our water projects.

Asante/Thank you for all of your support, and congratulations to the winning photo!


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