School Exam News!

Congratulations to all the schools we work with on their latest exam results which are out this month.

We’d particularly like to congratulate Zeze Secondary where we funded solar power, a classroom and science laboratories for achieving 100% pass rate.

And Nyailigamba where we funded solar power and a dining room for amazing scores in A level Science.

To Tunamkumbuka and Ikondo where we funded science equipment and hostels for their great grade improvements.

“My name is Gloria, my ambition is to be a nurse, I scored division ii, I’m so happy and thankful to my teachers and TDT, without living at the hostel I could not have succeeded. I hope I’m going to join high school to study Chemistry, Biology and Geography.”
“My name is Anchila, I want to be a teacher, I thank God and everybody who was there to make sure I could study comfortably, especially TDT who helped me to live at the hostel. Without that  I couldn’t score division iii and get to high school.”