February 2022

Another month, another photo competition for our amazing local Tanzanian representatives who have been sending photos of their projects to us throughout the month! Let us know what you think via social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #TDTPhotoComp!


Ikondo School Shop – These students are enjoying getting their school supplies from the school shop…

Ikondo School Shop – … it is important that every child has access to a proper education, and that includes the materials that help them learn.

Students collecting their fruit – MVG are committed to ending hunger & malnutrition in their communities. They have achieved great success so far through their seed money campaigns to feed their students!

PALs piggery project – We joint funded a Piggery Project with LUV+ in June 2021 to provide income to the Norini leprosy community in Dodoma Region and assist the people affected by leprosy (PALs) there to achieve food security post Covid and improve their mental wellbeing.

Trees for a better future – The impact of MVG’s seed money campaign are starting to take place in Kigoma, with these students very happy to receive their fruit trees to plant!

Combatting hunger & malnutrition in Zeze – Asia and Fadhila are enjoying having taple and delicious food from having the chicken scheme…

Pass on a pig – The piggery project is continuing to have great impact in Shinyanga for women, to reduce poverty in their households and help one another by passing on a pig to someone else in the community.

Reducing household poverty with pigs – Pig is money any time, and I believe now the daily needs of our families are no longer a problem. I ask for the continuation of this project for other women, as they say Chukua mbili rudisha mbili, I will give back so that other women can benefit stated Elizabeth Charles

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  1. Fantastic and inspiring pictures. Thanks to the photographers and best wishes to all those hardworking people producing for the future.

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