February's Winning Photo!

This was an incredible photo that was sent to us from our local representative Benedicto Hosea, and his organisation Mboni ya Vijana – and one that we have been waiting for! So, you can imagine how excited we were to receive this photo!

At the end of last year MVG took part it another of their seed money campaigns to raise $600 to create school gardens to feed their hungry students – and they smashed it! Recently they’ve been receiving their hundreds of seedlings for their fruit trees that will soon feed their hungry stomachs. This campaign has reached approximately 2000 students – you can find out more at their website

These projects are vital for the children of our communities. No child should go hungry, no child should face problems with their physical and mental development because of malnutrition, and every child deserves a proper education and the fuel to help them study throughout their school day.

These projects also help take climate action and restore degrading land – something truly vital for not only the children’s, but all of our futures.

If you would like to help these causes in any way you can help by donating to either ourselves of to MVG. Or alternatively, you can purchase some trees for us to plant in rural Tanzania from our shop, where you will also receive an e-card!

Congratulations on the winning photo and all your success with your seed money campaign! We can see you’ll be enjoying your fruit trees!


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