The BIG Green Give - Planting hope for Tanzania's Future!

We know that action is needed to ensure our planet survives. Many of us are being warned about our changing futures and homes if we don’t take action now… But the reality of climate change is already severely impacting certain vulnerable communities across the world – including in rural Tanzania. That’s why we’re taking action!


There are two things that Mboni ya Vijana says. First, they ask “what world do you want for your youth?” This is such a poignant question – the youth of rural Tanzania are already facing the hardships of climate change, but we need to take climate action to ensure all of our youths’ futures aren’t facing such hardships and threats. Then they remind us that “the last thing that is ever lost is hope”. Yes, our planet is suffering the immense consequences of climate change, which is destroying our homes and livelihoods – immediate action is needed to save our home. But it is still possible to take that action. Furthermore, it is still possible to make a significant impact, especially to those already being affected by climate change.

With your help, we can make that difference in Tanzania.

We are joining forces with Mboni ya Vijana Group (MVG), founded by our local representative for Kigoma rural Benedicto Hosea to partake in The Big Give’s Green Match Fund to take action. This campaign will last for one week, starting on Earth Day – Friday 22nd April – opening at midday GMT.

Our goal is to raise £2,500 which will be match funded! That means when you give one donation, it will have twice the impact for our communities in Tanzania!

What will we do with the £5000 we hope to raise?

£5,000 will allow us to plant 5,000 trees in and around village schools, educate 2,000 children about the need to plant trees to protect their environment, and install  25 community-owned beehives to provide them with additional forest-based food. These will be hung in trees to protect them from deforestation; furthermore, they not only help take care of the environment, but the bees honey also increases income generation and food security! Finally, we want to fund 16 educational events at schools – we know that to take climate action also involves climate education, so others in the community and the next generation knows how to take care of our earth.

Please, help us make a difference by donating what you can to our campaign. Every donation must go through our Big Give page (click on these green Donate buttons), which will then also be match funded! And please, don’t forget to share our campaign online and with as many people as possible to help get us support!

But why are we taking part in this campaign?

In Tanzania, temperatures are increasing, and weather is becoming more extreme, with people either having to face droughts for extended periods of time, or huge downpours of rain that leads to flooding. These weather conditions and temperature increases leads to more challenging agricultural conditions, where crops can struggle to grow, or be destroyed by the sudden floods, pests and diseases. Desertification can be found in many places as the land degrades and water becomes scarcer.

The consequences of these effects lead to communities becoming poorer and hungrier, as they yield less crops. People – often women and girls – can also have to walk even further simply to collect their drinking water, as after a two hour walk to the nearest stream, they can find it dried up. We will also be looking at an increased risk of health implications as the climate conditions increase suitability for habitats of biting insects and transmission of vector-borne diseases, along with a continuing land degradation and desertification, food insecurity and poverty, and water scarcity.


Mboni ya Vijana planting fruit trees with schools to take climate action and feed their students!

The communities we work with in rural Tanzania are the most vulnerable that climate change is impacting the most now. However, they are also the local communities that can take action the best…with a bit of help.

Asante sana!