May 2022

Another month, another photo competition for our amazing local Tanzanian representatives who have been sending photos of their projects to us throughout the month! Let us know what you think via social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #TDTPhotoComp!


MVG’s partnership with PlantVillage

Dream Team member Thadei visited another group of farmers trained on pest control, mainly growing cassava, beans and maize.

The first bananas from Ikondo!

The first bananas have been harvested at Ikondo! These bananas will provide  delicious meals for the students.


The SHIPIP project continues to do well in Shinyanga as the community shows us their pigs.

Smiles from the chickens at Marumba!

As part of the Marumba pass on chicken project the first 30 recipients of 10 chickens are now passing on 5 to another 15 villagers. Here are some of the new owners benefitting from the project!

Chickens at Marumba!

As part of the Marumba pass on chicken project the first 30 recipients of 10 chickens are now passing on 5 to another 15 villagers. Here are some of the new owners benefitting from the project!

Women collecting water

Marumba borehole installed 2017 still in use by villagers saving the 10km walk to the river

Boy collecting water

One of the first projects the Marumba village dispensary tank and pump still being used today 2022

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