June 2022

Another month, another photo competition for our amazing local Tanzanian representatives who have been sending photos of their projects to us throughout the month! Let us know what you think via social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #TDTPhotoComp!


Chemistry at Ikondo

Ikondo School in Kagera have been using profits from their uniform shop and chicken project to pay for a temporary science teacher to enable them to do practicals like this, vital for students who want to do well enough in their exams to become doctors and teachers etc.

Cooking Saturday lunch for the girls at Ikondo Hostel

We funded Ikondo hostel in 2018 and since then over 400 girls have benefitted from increased study opportunities. Here they are helping prepare Saturday lunch.

Running for evening class

Girls at Ikondo Hostel are so keen to get to their evening study class they are running there.. 

Epifania explains how important these study sessions are here.

Revising for exams

Success in exams is vital for students who want to progress in their education and follow their dreams. Access to text books is minimal so students spend a lot of time learning from their notes. 

Read more about our education work here.

Tailors at work

TDT has funded many successful tailoring projects over the years. This one shows tailors at Grace of God Sewing (TOMA), Mishenye village in Kagera, busy at work making school uniforms.

Learning about better agriculture

We started working with PlantVillage in Mara and expanded to Kigoma in March partnering with Mboni ya Vijana. We love this photo of an outdoor lesson about how the Nuru app helps detect pests in maize and cassava. Read more here.

Pass a goat project

We have funded many goat projects whereby women pass on the offspring to other needy families so the project grows and grows.

Read more about the impact here. 

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