August 2022

Another month, another photo competition for our amazing local Tanzanian representatives who have been sending photos of their projects to us throughout the month! Let us know what you think via social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #TDTPhotoComp!


(1) TDT – A sisters’ friendship

These girls show something that is universal – no matter what country, no matter what community – the strength of a sisters’ friendship!

(2) TDT – Marumba Mums

These proud mums gave birth in the new clinic we funded as part of a 7 year integrated development project at Marumba Village, Mtwara in partnership with EuCanAid. Read more here

(3) Crowd2Map – The Mapping Medical Facilities Project

The people at C2M are helping to put rural Tanzania on the map! This can help people in the communities to receive any medical treatment they need, as this project shows – simply by putting the facilities on the map!

(4) Crowd2Map – some of the girls we can help

Having a worldwide team of volunteers is already inspiring; but when you get to see some of the girls – now smiling – that we are able to help thanks to those volunteers, it becomes even more incredible!


(5) Hope for Girls and Women – Cheering on the Sports!

Whether it’s taking part in sports, or cheering their friends on from the sidelines, you can always guarantee that there’s a lot of laughter and smiles on the field!

(6) All smiles!

We love seeing the huge smiles on the girls’ faces at the safe houses, knowing they’re safe and have lots of good friends around them!

(7) Mboni Ya VijanaElidetha and her friends

Elidetha used to walk 4km to the nearest stream to collect water – she would wait 3-4 hours waiting in a queue to collect the water. “After collecting water, cooking and eating I was often very late going back to school for the evening sessions, and very tired.” She was positioned 40th out of 129 pupils for three years… But after getting a water pump to the community she reached 6th position in her exams!

(8) Mboni Ya Vijana – Always time to play

Whilst everyone may work hard to take climate action, get clean and safe water to communities, end poverty and hunger….we all have to find a bit of time to have fun, don’t we?

(9) Tumaini – On the waiting list

There are always far too many girls on the waiting list for their second chance to have a proper education – that’s where Tumaini comes in.

(10) Tumaini – On the waiting list

Everyone deserves to have a full and proper education to start them off well in life. These girls are happy to be back at their desks studying again!

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  1. Some of these photos are really wonderful and would make more informative and attractive Christmas cards than some of the ones you presently advertise. Is it an issue of confidentiality?

    Janet Bujra

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