September 2022

Another month, another photo competition for our amazing local Tanzanian representatives who have been sending photos of their projects to us throughout the month! Let us know what you think via social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #TDTPhotoComp!


(1) Travelling to school

These students in Ikondo are making the perilous journey to school. This journey gets particularly dangerous during the rainy season when the river floods, so parents have requested that these students stay at school. 

(2) Getting water in Kigoma

Collecting water generally falls on women and takes many hours a day.  We are working hard to bring water points nearer to village centres. Previously these women faced a long trip to a dirty stream each day.

(3) Collecting Water

Women in Kigoma often carry water long distances. 

(4) Planting maize

Students at Tunamkumbuka School are busy planting maize in the school shamba (farm) to be used to feed girls at the hostel we funded. Previously it was hard to grow crops year round due to a lack of water, but with the newly funded borehole this is now possible.

(5) Planting maize

Grace stays at the hostel and is looking forward to the fruits of her labour.

(6) Kimwanya Secondary School

Having a water pump in the community greatly helps students in school as they no longer have to waste hours every day carrying it from a stream 2 km away.

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