December 2022

Another month, another photo competition for our amazing local Tanzanian representatives who have been sending photos of their projects to us throughout the month! Let us know what you think via social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #TDTPhotoComp!


(1) Collecting water

Water is a huge issue in Kigoma, as in many areas of Tanzania, with children spending much time carrying water from dirty sources.  Students at Nyakabondo Primary have to carry water from the stream 1km away each day until their well funded by our Big Give appeal is finished in January. 

(2) Bringing water to Kanazi Clinic

As part of our Big Give campaign we are constructing a borehole at this clinic so women will no longer have to carry water there from a pond.

(3) Taking crops to market

Farmers in Zeze, Kigoma have benefitted from the agricultural training provided by our local rep Benedicto, and now have surplus to sell in the village market.

  1. Collecting waste to make biochar

As part of the PlantVillage project run by MVG in Kigoma youth have been collecting agriculture waste in order to make biochar.

This can improve agriculture in many ways including:

  • Bigger yields   
  • Healthier soil   
  • Lower acidity   
  • Better water retention 
  • Stronger plants   
  • Richer soil life 
  • Higher fertility 
  • Better seed germination

(5) Another happy farmer collecting waste to make biochar

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