How We Are Organised

TDT has a Board of Trustees, appointed by the Britain Tanzania Society. Most are UK-based with strong connections to Tanzania, and still travel there regularly. They provide a wide range of skills, and have an overwhelming commitment to Tanzania’s future development.

They are supported by project officers and other committee members in the UK, plus thirteen representatives based in different parts of Tanzania. All of these staff work for TDT on a voluntary basis. Project requests originate from varied sources, including our website, from visits, by word of mouth, or from NGOs in Tanzania or the UK. All start with a formal application form. After an initial screening, requests for funding are assigned to Project Officers, who may visit the projects at their own expense or ask the regional representatives to obtain further information. Projects are evaluated and identities checked.

We also get clear evidence of community participation and approval from local government officials before grants are approved. Larger projects may be funded through staged payments linked to performance milestones.

Projects are monitored during implementation phase and beyond, and assessment made of their impact after they have been completed. At all stages, this is recorded in our new web-based project database.

Whilst most of our projects are small enough to be funded by TDT alone, we occasionally co-fund projects with other small charities, and with individual donors.