Income Generating Projects

Over the years we have seen first-hand how relatively small amounts of money, invested well, can transform the lives of women living in extreme poverty, by allowing them to start small village businesses.  This is particularly true when coupled with appropriate business training and ongoing coaching by our dedicated local reps.  Success not only transforms the income of the women and their families, it also has a huge impact on their confidence and status.

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Examples of such projects we have funded include tailoring workshops making school uniforms, face masks, and other clothing, soap making projects for widows, and agricultural projects.  We provided a women’s group in Muleba a solar irrigation pump.  This enables them to double their harvests, as they are now able to grow crops year round, rather than just in the rainy season.  They are then able to give food to many more orphans and widows in their community.  You can see examples of some of the many such projects we supported last year in our annual review and donate here.