Marumba Village -Update

This is now the second 3-year programme and commitment to Marumba Village from a unique partnership between TDT (40%) and EuCanAid (60%), together with funding from Africa Palms. This longer time period has allowed an ability to monitor progress and follow up projects to ensure that they are brought to full completion. This is further reinforced by regular visits from Linus Buriani TDT local representative and Diocesan Development officer who shares his expertise.

This can be seen in the following account of 2020 progress:

Education programme

Having already constructed 3 new primary school classrooms, a staff toilet, pupil’s toilet, Installed solar power in staff houses, toilets and classrooms, 2 water tanks. One result is the school has been used by neighbouring Ward schools for summer camp lessons and the Ward schools have moved up to 2nd in the District rankings. 2020 saw the building and completion of a kindergarten classroom for 45 children as well as materials for the refurbishment of an old classroom; Outcomes on student uptake and school results will be monitored.

A second development for the Primary school was the purchase of a photocopier, computer, scanner & printer and solar panels and batteries purchased to run the equipment. Training was built into the budget and this needs to be followed up.

Tree planting, although a 2018-2019 project; funds were retained to learn from the first phase. 1000 trees were now planted in February 2020, but this time these were mainly the Miaborea tree variety which had demonstrated that they were avoided by goats in the first phase.

Income generation

An initial bee keeping income generation project was started by the project and village committee in 2018. In 2018 90 top bar hives were built and 30 beekeepers from the village given training by the Tanzania Forest Authority. In 2019 90 hives were hung in a wide area north of the village, but fires and the need for water led to only one hive having bees. Advice was given by Linus to move them closer to the river. The group mover 89 hives closer to the river and in February 2020, 50 of the 89 hives were being used by bees. In July 2020 honey has been harvested from the hives. The next step is to monitor the production and its use and have further training from a retired Forest Authority worker known to the group.


The next step in Income generation is an application for setting up a maize grinding mill in the neighbouring ward town but owned by the Marumba villagers. A draft proposal has been discussed with suggestions and a resubmission is being expected.

Health programme

Focusing on the Dispensary, previous projects included a water tank, solar panels and fridge for medicines.  Next, a new maternity ward building was built and officially opened by the DMO and shown on Tanzanian ITV in August 2019 and finally completed by the Health service in 2020.  The first baby was delivered in July 2020. Solar panels and batteries were also provided in February 2020 for the dispensary. 20% of the dispensary’s patients have crossed the Ruvuma river from Mozambique.

In addition, Linus undertook a Covid community education programme, together with gifts of masks, and hygiene equipment for the dispensary in April 2020. Also funded by EuCanAid and TDT private donations

The project and partnership between TDT and EuCanAid has one more year to run.

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