Our Projects: overview

Over the past 40 plus years we have funded hundreds of projects in Tanzania, benefitting thousands of people in the poorest areas of Tanzania.  Our current priorities are access to water,  income generating activities, especially for rural women, and girls hostels in government secondary schools.

In 2019-2020 TDT we funded 31 core projects amounting to just under £97,000 we also gave £24,500 to COVID emergency projects.

You can see details of these projects in our annual report, and see photos of some of them below. 

Hover over a photo to see the project name and a short summary - click on the picture to read the details.  You can use the Category filter on the left to only show Completed Projects, Approved Projects or Projects in Progress.

The list on the right allows you to sort the projects in different ways, by date or alphabetically.  Use the Search button on the top bar for a specific project by name, type or place.

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