Our Work

AICT Centre for Tailoring and Youth Development, Tabora

The project aims to set up a youth tailoring centre.

ANCO Charity Child rehabilitation

Supporting street children in Kasulu


Support for street children sleeping rough


200 blankets to Kigoma Bangwe Prison

Bangwe Prison Kigoma

The distribution of blankets and shaving equipment to Bangwe Prison in Kigoma.


Sports facilities

Beekeeper in Chamwino

Beekeeping in Chamwino

Demonstration Bee Farm at Chamwino, Dodoma District.

Blema Initiative: Sewing and Embroidery

Providing a number of sewing, embroidery and knitting machines for a sewing and embroidery project run by Blema.


Street Library grant

Bore holes and rope pumps in Kigoma and Kasulu

Clean water for more than 15 villages and schools

Bore Holes and Rope Pumps in Kigoma and Simiyu

Hand drilling and simple rope hand pumps

Burega Youth Horticulture

Water pump, pipes and farming tools for horticulture project

Buturi Makongoro Primary School

Buturi Makongoro schools

Buturi village has suffered the twin disasters of HIV/AIDS and drought, and so this project aims to provide clean water for schoolchildren and surrounding communities.

Buyaga Garden Project, Muleba

Women’s group vegetable garden project

Carpentry Equipment for Youth Group, Muleba

Vocational education equipment

Chawawawata Groundnut Processing Machines

This group want to purchase ‘blundering’ machines developed by VETA Tabora that are able to grind groundnuts and cashews to make paste that is used in cooking etc. This will enable families who have a disabled member to increase their income to cover the extra costs incurred by disability.

CHIHULIKO Tailoring Project

Purchase of additional sewing and knitting machines


Installation of agricultural machinery

Dam and Pipework Repairs

A grant was given to repair a broken dam, providing 51,000 villagers with clean water

Ebeneza Vocational Training Centre

The Ebeneza centre provides vocational training to address unemployment and low-skills among young women and men.

English Club, Ikondo Secondary School

Whole school English Club running twice a week

Health and Education Support for Nkonkwa Village

Solar power and a new water supply for health and education facilities in Nkonkwa Village, by Lake Tanganyika.

HUYAWATA Women’s farmer Group, Muleba

Local NGO supporting large numbers of very vulnerable orphans and elderly widows

Ikimba Secondary Schools

Working with four secondary schools in the Ikimba region to improve the education of about 1,275 pupils.

Ikondo hostel additional funding

Additional funding for girl’s school hostel

female student at ikondo secondary school

Ikondo Secondary School

Ikondo is a remote rural school. TDT has made three separate grants to this school for lab equipment and textbooks, connecting the school to a electricity supply and building a girls’ hostel.

Isanjandugu Water, Manyoni,Singida

Improving water supply

Kagera – NGO Management Support

Supporting local NGOs with office equipment


Rural women education and empowerment

Kanyimbi Village Youth Garden Project

A grant to enable a youth gardening group to increase vegetable production as a means of increasing the incomes of around 30 young people.

KASODEFO Computer Training for Youth in Maswa

To enable much needed IT training to youth in Maswa.

KASODEFO Microfinance

Extended micro-finance scheme


Continuing support to ANCO Children’s Project

Kasulu Youth Development

Kasulu Youth Development Project (KAYD) to empower disadvantaged young people through skills-training, so they can set up their own small businesses and earn an income

KAWESO Brick Making

Youth enterprise and affordable housing

Kawiye Social Development Foundation (KASODEFO)

Grinding and mixing machine for animal feeds

Kibirizi Elderly People Centre renovation, Kigoma

Refurbishment included two new pit latrines, bathrooms and showers


Installation of solar power at Muyovosi school

Kigoma rural classrooms

Building of 40 new classrooms using local materials

Kigoma: Street Children Support

TDT has supported ANCO for three years for its programme of finding homes for boys who are sleeping rough in Kasulu town.

Kihenya Secondary School Solar Power

Installation of solar powered lighting.

Kikuwe Dispensary Staff House elevations

Kikukwe Dispensary Staff House

Kikukwe Dispensary has an urgent need for staff housing, which will help ensure that this invaluable dispensary can continue to serve its community.

Kilimatinde Girls’ Hostel

Refurbishing Kilimatinde School Girls’ Hostel by installing bunk beds, electricity and a security grill.

Kinyika village water supply

Clean water to 4000 people


KAWESO Women’s Group

Kishanda Water Project

Safe water supply from springs

Kizomla secondary school

Solar lighting for classrooms and accommodation

Kurunyemi School

Solar lighting and water supply repair

Lubalisi Health Dispensary

TDT has helped bring healthcare to this area by funding solar power for the dispensary and the doctor’s house. As a result, the local authority confirmed they will post a doctor to the house to serve the community.


Market garden for income generation

Mahembe Women’s Group Seed Pressing Project

Supporting a women’s group near Kigoma by providing new seed presses.

Makuru School Rain Water Harvesting

The aim of this project is to provide a large water tank, storing water from the roofs of the classrooms. This is for a school which currently can only get water from a pond and holes 3k from the school.

Manyoni District Hospital maternity care

Supply of medical equipment

Manyoni secondary school computers

Providing computers for secondary students

Girls dormitory, Manyoni hostel

Manyoni Secondary School, Girls’ Hostel

The hostel will give the girls extra security and improve the quality of their education and the likelihood of them passing Form 4 exams.


Clothes-making micro enterprise