Blema Initiative: Sewing and Embroidery

Amount of grant approved (£) : 112Year of grant : 2015

Blema started as a very successful project in Maswa benefiting 53 women living in very disadvantaged circumstances, including some living with HIV/AIDs. TDT’s grant enabled the purchase of a number of sewing, embroidery and knitting machines and Blema employed a skilled trainer to work with the women in a large and very appropriate building- maybe a former agricultural store- which Blema rents. As a result, the project Chairman reported “The women who attended this training are fully endowed with valuable tailoring, embroidering and dressmaking knowledge and skills.” Blema set up groups of ex-students: Three women had managed to rent a shop in the centre of town where they had 3 sewing machines and an impressive selection of fabric rolls. TDT and our partner donors were pleased and satisfied by what Blema was achieving with a deprived group of women. However, in 2015 there was a major loss of initiative and activity is currently at a low level, but progress is being monitored by TDT’s Local Representative, Ezekiel Kassanga.


The tools will help these group of women to acquire skills of which will help them to get income by sewing different type of clothes and hence assisting their children and family at large.