Plant 10 Trees


Trees are vital to our fight against climate change, which is having an immense impact upon rural Tanzania – droughts, land degradation, water scarcity, all of which can lead to food insecurity and poverty. But planting trees can help us take climate action and restore our land.

By purchasing a small collection of tree seedlings for Zeze, Kigoma, you can help  take this action. Just £5 will purchase 10 tree seedlings – trees that will help restore the land, regulate weather including rainfall patterns, allow water conservation and improve the water cycle, improve soil biodiversity, provide oxygen and decreases carbon, provide food for communities and shade from the sun.



Rural Tanzania is facing some of the strongest impacts from climate change – droughts and water scarcity, extreme weather changes, land degradation, thus increasing poverty and food insecurity. But your purchase to plant 10 trees in Tanzania will greatly help in our fight against climate change.

Zeze is just one example – a community that relies on its agriculture and has been plunged further into extreme poverty and hunger. Through his grassroots community organisation Mboni ya Vijana, our local representative Benedicto Hosea has been dedicated to taking climate action.

The tree seedlings you buy will go to projects such as Zeze school to help their fight against climate change, help restore their land, provide shade from the sun and food for the students.