Amount of grant approved (£) : 3,200

Year of grant : 2015

Bees provide a brilliant way of generating income, while caring for the environment and providing training in animal husbandry skills.

This project aims to set up a demonstration bee farm near Dodoma, which will train three beekeeping cooperatives to improve their husbandry and marketing skills.

Equipment will be lent to the groups (for a small fee), helping provide funds for project sustainability.

As of June 2015 the site had been cleared, tree seedlings sourced and equipment purchased. Training started in August, in preparation for the new beekeeping season in October.

This project is setting up a demonstration apiary in Chamwino District (about 30km east of Dodoma City) to help educate three local beekeeping cooperatives, including one run by the local police force. These groups have hives, but lack equipment and training. TARDI, the sponsoring NGO, is a specialist beekeeping organisation with the project leader, Faustine Kashumba, being a lecturer at Dodoma University and one of Tanzania’s experts on beekeeping. The apiary will plant trees to provide fodder for bees and have hives allowing for practical demonstrations. The ancillary equipment, which includes protective clothing, will be lent to the groups (for a small fee) helping provide funds for project sustainability.