This project supported the construction of two water points which were implemented under the supervision of Burungura Ward committee with Bihanga village leader, from May to July 2022.

The community of Bihanga supported the project by providing the material support as follows:

The same was done for each water point.

General impact of water point in Bihanga

  1. The availability of clean water throughout the year;
  2. Will encourage economic development in the community, to our community women are main source of family income also are responsible at their house as result women where using much time in fetching water before now they sure to get water and they spend more time in economic growth;
  3. It will remove one of the dangerous environments for girls. Going to fetch water was an opportunity for early relationships between them and boys. Also reduces early pregnancy and an environment for the threat of rape;
  4. Will decrease of diseases caused by water;
  5. Will increase education performance of children, by reducing time spent in fetching water. They will get water quickly and be back home early to start studying at home;
  6. Will decrease waste water, which was caused by high rainfall.

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