Amount of grant approved (£) : 5,000
Year of grant : 2014

Buturi village has suffered the twin disasters of HIV/AIDS and drought, and so this project aims to provide clean water for schoolchildren and surrounding communities. We will do this by building a large underground storage tank to feed the school toilet block (which is also used by the community), a drinking water outlet, and a large garden to grow food crops. The roof of the schoolhouse has been specially adapted to harvest rainwater for use during the extensive dry periods, which should bring wide benefits to both Buturi and surrounding villages.

Buturi village is situated in Mara region, north of Musoma and 20km from Lake Victoria. It has suffered the twin disasters of AIDS and drought and hence is extremely impoverished area. The project aims to install a rainwater harvesting system on the school building that has been designed by a British engineer with collaboration by a UK PhD student. This will provide clean water for the community as well as watering a community garden which will grow vegetables. Hence the project should provide wide benefits to this and the surrounding villages. The project is sponsored by Judith Smith, a UK based Tanzanian who was born in this area. Judith has been raising funds alongside the TDT donation to provide the full funding needed for this project. Find out more about the Buturi Project