Amount of grant approved (£) : 1,942

Year of grant : 2016

This project was identified through participation of families who have a disabled member, and who wanted to increase their income to cover the extra costs incurred by disability. This group want to purchase ‘blundering’ machines developed by VETA Tabora that are able to grind groundnuts and cashews to make paste that is used in cooking etc.

Currently there are few machines that can do this, so there is a niche market for them to develop the business. Tabora is a major groundnut producer and the paste is widely used commercially and in home cooking.

Initially Chawawawata proposed the purchase of 6 machines, that would be established in rented buildings in 6 different Wards in Tabora town. Explaining to them the lack of funds available, TDT negotiated with them to reduce their proposal requesting 3 machines and that more costs were to be paid for by their own contributions. e.g. food at the training session. The 3 machines are to be installed so that two Wards will share a machine between 10 families.

There will be a 2 day training workshop, run by VETA staff, for 30 women to learn how to use the machines safely, and maintain them. Each group has agreed to pay Chawawawata 20% profit so they can use this to initiate other projects e.g. juice making. These machines are relatively new technology and to promote the availability within Tabora town, the group intend to advertise their new business venture through 6 sessions of radio broadcasts, explaining how it works and the venues of the machines.

13 June 2016 : Chawawawata group were awarded £1942 to purchase 3 Cashew and Groundnut processing machines, and to pay for their training to operate them. There is great demand for the ‘butter’ for cooking and cosmetics and yet very few are able to produce this to sell commercially.

The women have now purchased the 3 machines from VETA and are are currently installing them in their home areas around Tabora, and have received their training. Once established they intend to use some of the grant to advertise the facilities they offer on local radio. It is hoped the extra income this project will generate will be used to assist families that have a disabled member.

Activities accomplishments to date;
29th February, 2016; Order for 3 groundnuts machines made.

17th April, 2016; CHAWAWAWATA received the machines from
vendor & stored at CHAWAWAWATA office.
22nd–23rd April, 2016; Building Capacity training to group members
on how to manage & operate the machines
2nd May, 2016; 3 groundnuts machines disseminated to 3 women
group ready for operation.