Amount of grant approved (£) : 1,455

Year of grant : 2017

Elderly and Disabled Group (Manyoni) were donated the machines by TASF in 2010. By the time the machines were purchased, inflation meant there was insufficient money to connect the 3 phase power required to operate them. The machines have sat in a store ever since collecting dust. The DC awarded funds from the Constituency Development Fund to assist with the connection and TDT topped up with the remaining amount necessary.

Phil Grant, Project Officer, reports: I’m pleased to report that the machines are now installed and fully operational, providing the group with an income and a grinding service for local members of the community.

The elderly and disabled group are now using the machines which are providing an income to support themselves and their families. This has been enhanced by a grinding contract with Manyoni Secondary School organised by TDT’s Local Representative, Mr. Innocent Temu.