Amount of grant approved (£) : 2,805

Year of grant : 2014

The Ebeneza centre provides vocational training to address unemployment and low-skills among young women and men.

This includes training in computer use, maintenance and repair, tailoring and sewing and graphic design, all targeted at the poorest and most vulnerable. For example, orphans immediately qualify to receive formal education and vocational training.

So far 50 students have attended the tailoring programme. The project has gone well and beneficiaries have already begun to show progress, as demonstrated by their newly-acquired ability to professionally sew complete dresses and skirts.

This is a follow-up project to TDT’s first funding of Ebeneza in December 2012.  Then, TDT gave a grant of £2,000 to construct and populate a cow byre, milking parlour and poultry house, to  make income to support the orphans and vulnerable children.

Ebeneza is situated in small and cramped premises in a suburb of Shinyanga town.