This womens’ group grow and sell groundnuts but peeling these by hand was a slow and laborious process, and not all nuts being peeled properly results in poor income returns as fully peeled nuts fetch a better price (4,000 shillings per kilo). There is no insect threat to groundnuts and no pesticide is used. We agreed funding of £2058 to allow purchase of a skin peeling machine from SIDO in Dodoma, which has enabled them to increase production and improve quality, from a generous donation from Jacksons Engineering Company in Wymondham Norfolk who were interested in supporting a Tanzanian project which was also associated with machinery.

The group received training in using the peeling machine and the machine has been operating successfully for one season and has had a huge impact on the group as you can see in this video. They produced 1500 sacks of nuts which when processed in the milling machine raised 3 million Tshs. This was divided amongst the 30 members giving each member an income of 100,000 Tshs. They now plan to loan the machine out to other local groups and by the end of the year they should increase their profit to receive 1 million Tshs each. This will enable the members to use funds to support their children through school, buy clothes and better food and also invest small profit income into small business start-ups.